Wednesday, July 6, 2005


My brother in law told us about a game his family used to play on trips when he was a kid. Back in the dark ages before they put DVD players in vehicles.

The trick was toi find the alphabet-in order-on the road signs during the trip. Has anyone else heard of this one? I fooled around with it myself on the way home Monday. Some of the letters are ridiculously easy. Any vowels are easy to find. I'm afraid I had to take my Q out of order. Q's are hard to come by on I-5. I didn't find one until I saw a La Quinta sign. Z's are also hard to come by, but at least it's the last letter of the alphabet. Yaaaay Sizzler. Kept me happy between Salem and Albany to the tune of about twenty fine miles or so.

Had fun a few years ago when we took all five boys to the coast. My oldest, and very inventive, nephew Chris kept the other four going with I Spy with my little eye. Yeah, it takes a little work to keep kids occupied, but what are they going to remember about trips a few years down the road? Games and laughter or which movie they watched?


oceanmrc said...

OH yeah, we've done this one.  20 years of road trips and never a movie in the car.

lisaram1955 said...

When I first heard of putting DVD players and little movie screens in cars, I thought it was a terrible idea.  We drove across country many times on vacations when I was a kid.  I can't imagine blocking out all that scenery with a movie screen.  Tsk!

The alphabet game?  I still play it when I start to get tired when I'm driving, just to keep myself awake and alert.  

Lisa  :-]  

hope5555 said...

We always play the alphabet game on car trips. In our version, the letter has to be the FIRST letter of a word, which makes it harder.  Q's aren't as bad as Z's in my experience! You do develop a lifelong fondness for signs advertising Dairy Queens and Zoos if you play this game long enough.

brentub said...

We always had the ever-popular Spot the Different State License Plates game.  But we occasionally did the alphabet thing...usually getting stuck around Q (of course, this was WAY before LaQuinta!).

Thanks for bringing back some great memories.


hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, we play it!  We look for antique signs to get our Q's :-)....