Sunday, September 18, 2005


Found myself kind of written out this week and I didn’t really get to the computer until this evening. I suspect that if I’d tried the velcro cats would have had something to say about that. They’re both really in a nesting mood these days. As in just stay sat, I’ll supply the purrs.

Somebody really flipped the switch around here. It was cool and damp until early July and then it got hot and stayed hot. Got to the first week of September and boing, back flipped the switch. From not going under 85 or so for two months we’ve gone to barely getting over 80.

The weather was great for the Ducks game yesterday. Good game, caught the last half on TBS. I’m glad the Ducks won, but both teams were doing a good job and both deserved to win.

One day lily is still hanging on and putting out the odd bloom. Stubborn little beggar. The dogwood is turning rusty red and the other trees around town are starting to turn color. It’s still the odd branch, but it’s coming. The light is so much different now. Bright sun and seep shadows on the foliage of the trees. There will be vine maples turning bright red in the high country before long. We’ll probably sacrifice a little gas early in October and take a drive up towards Willamette Pass for some leaf watching. A little over an hour and you’re through the pass and onto the high plateau where, except for the ponderosa pines, most of the trees are bushes with delusions of grandeur.  

Went out for produce Saturday and farmers’ pumpkin patch was loaded. Lots of bright orange patches in the green leaves. It was a great little drive. Bright blue skies and lots of big fluffy clouds. Only took about an hour to collect our latest stash of apples and pears. Hermiston produces some wonderful little watermelons and there are still a few peaches. Can’t beat an improved elberta. (in my not so humble opinion) The car smelled wonderful by the time we got home. Too bad the fruity air fresheners don’t smell anything like the real thing.

I appreciate the folks who take the time to comment on my entries. What you’ve had to say has been overwhelmingly positive. I had one my few negative comments last week. Just a little flamer comment. I don’t mind too much. I’ll just use ‘em to warm my toes on a chillly fall morning.

Well, back to the salt mines tomorrow. Talk to all you wonderful folks later.


toonguykc said...

Isn't early Fall weather great?  My cats are getting plumper and furrier before my eyes -- and they don't even go outdoors!  And the dogs are shedding less (Thank GOD!!).  

lisaram1955 said...

Where'd you get your produce? Thistledown? Lone Pine?  Detering's?  It IS lovely out there in the middle of the valley on a fall afternoon.  In fact, I think it's lovely just about anywhere this time of year.  Mt.  Hood even looks sleek in its new dusting of snow that fell last weekend...  Lisa  :-]