Thursday, November 23, 2006


And a Happy (if wet) Thanksgiving to everybody. Including the squirrels and the various birds that were having their own soggy Thanksgivings today. Seriously, it can dry out for a day or two anytime. At least we haven't had any high water down here. Something for us to be thankful for.

Hope everyone had a good day, I know we did. I’ve taken a couple of vacation days this week, one to help get ready and an extra one to recover. Seriously, there isn’t much to recover from.

Mom and I baked up a storm yesterday. Two people can work in our kitchen at the same time if you plan ahead, clean up between projects, and take your time. So we did and we had almost as much fun in the making as the eating. Dinner rolls, some seriously sinful cinnamon rolls (actually I think they were the best I’d ever made and I was very happy to send them OUT the door) and three pies. The extra trouble on the pies was worth it when the berry lover spotted the marionberries. Kid’s an atheist or something. He doesn’t like pumpkin pie. LOL


They passed out turkeys at work so we did the traditional turkey thing. I think I may be an atheist or at least an agnostic. I don't really like turkey that much anymore. I kept wanting to dose that bird with a load of garlic and some nice Italian or Southwest type seasonings. And a nice batch of dried tomato basil foccacia. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our families. :-) Seriously, it was good if a little............bland. And thankful to have it.


My brother in law teases sis once in awhile. He tells her he married her so he could get a shot at mom’s apple pies. So part of an apple pie headed north along with assorted goodies. Hey, he spent part of his day keeping track of two boxers and their seven pups. And from what sis said that’s it, for the puppy production. She doesn’t want to put too much stress on Daisy and that’s a good thing. ‘Cause she’s a real sweetie.


So we waved good by to most of the goodies when my sister and the kids took off this evening. Sis came down with the two younger nephews. Wah! 5'6" me can’t hug any of the kids around the neck anymore unless they bend over. Way over. Even N#5 is over six feet tall now, and he’s only 14. Sis’s oldest, N#2 topped out at 6’2” or so. He’s the football player. Oregon and Oregon State are playing their Civil War game tomorrow so he only had the afternoon off today. With luck they won't get drowned tomorrow afternoon during the game in Corvallis.


Anyway it was fun to watch the boys catch up with each other. Between practice and classes their big brother has barely been home all term. Then the guys did some serious channel surfing. What is it with guys and the inability to stick with a TV channel for more than five minutes? And I definitely found myself keeping my comments to myself. I had to bite my tongue to keep from offering opinions on the movies they were skipping through. As in “somebody actually got paid to make this?” You have got to be kidding. I’ve seen better acting in my junior high Thanksgiving skits. Definitely a time to just smile and grab a good book.


So we were well fed, had a good time and then made sure most of the leftovers went out the door. Heck, the fun is in the making and the sharing. This way sis doesn’t have to make dinner after the game tomorrow and somebody who has to put in some serious study time Sunday will have a good supply of munchies to carry him through. Anyway I hope everyone else had a warm, safe day. I know I have a lot to be thankful for.


tenyearnap said...

I am glad that you all had such a good time...and that the leftovers went out the door. Haha. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving.

toonguykc said...

I bailed out on the Ducks game early....did they win?  It didn't look like they would.  I'm glad you had a great holiday, friend.  


mlraminiak said...

Well...Thanksgiving Day was pretty decent.  Don't ask about the rest of the weekend...  Lisa  :-]