Saturday, January 13, 2007


We got about two inches of snowWednesday night and then it got cold. Very cold for this part of the country. It hasn't really been above freezing since Wednesday night. The yard has been very busy. One good thing, the frosty ground give a better background for the critters.

I suspect this little guy would be happier if his feet were warmer. But we made sure the pickings were pretty good.

If you look closely there are several juncos or other small birds down with the squirrel. They're willing to share, but nobody was leaving a relatively sure thing. And I don't blame them. I can't imagine being that little and putting up with the cold.

A western scrub jay added to the mix. That's the fellow in the blue jacket with the gray waist coat. He likes corn, and the suet mix.


This is a sparrow known as a towee. This is not my picture, I got it off the net, but we have some on the hill behind the house. The one in our yard today was moving too much for me to get a shot. I think it finally figured out that there was corn in the seed we've been putting out. The only times I've seen them off the hill have been during blueberry season when they like to help themselves to the odd blueberry. They'll pop up from the violets below the bushes, grab a berry and disappear.

The little guys getting their feet cold on the frosty ground. Odd triva fact. Officially, it hasn't snowed in the Eugene/Springfield area for ten years. Ever since the automated equipment was installed out at the airport. If the machines can't measure it, it doesn't exist. I guess a couple of my co workers the hills around town were stuck at home with five or six inches of "imaginary" ice and snow.


mlraminiak said...

We got some snow.  And now we got cold.  But we had a beautiful sunrise this morning--gold sun behind Mt. Hood, pink clouds everywhere else.  Almost made it worth putting up with the cold.  Funny...back in the midwest, this would be considered relatively mild winter weather.  Here, we're freezing our butts off.  I admit it.  I've become a winter wimp in the twenty-two years we've been living here...  Lisa  :-]  

toonguykc said...

Say what you will about the jays, but I will always somewhat not like them for being such bullies at the birdfeeder.  Only the chickadees will tolerate their obnoxiousness....and a few brave woodpeckers.  I toss dog food out on the front yard for rabbits and squirrels each evening.  I feed animals both wild and domestic.  I'm a Democrat!!  lol


tenyearnap said...

Wow, I can't believe you got snow! Makes for some good photos anyway. Juncos are also called "snowbirds" where I'm from so I guess their little feet will be okay. I love towhees and their "drink-you're-teeeea" song. Thanks for sharing the pics.--Cin

hestiahomeschool said...

It was so cool to see these ...we do not have these birds here in Kentucky.

lightyears2venus said...

It's even been below freezing for days here, too.  Keep hoping for just a bit of snow--enjoyed your photos as the next best thing.  Bless you for putting out the pickings.  So, what do you think about Hillary?  I have mixed feelings.  I still remember all too vividly the hateful crap-slinging when she was 1st Lady and fear a truly nasty bombardment ahead.  And not sure about Barack or Bill R, either!  I'd love with all my heart and soul to think the good 'ol USA is ready for an African-American, Hispanic, or woman president, but....   Aside from that, I'm always proud to be a Democrat, but especially so this historic week.  I like to think MLK is smiling.