Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, or at least hope you’ve heard it all. Something or someone comes along and knocks you upside the head. Ran into it again this weekend. Frankly, I’m not sure whether to post this on the political side or the religious side. First thought is political, but to be frank this blind faith the onward and upward benefits of capitalism and world trade smacks more than a little of a religious faith instead of being something you can actually prove. Guess I’ll file this under political for now.

Since the Stryker brigade shipped out of Fort Louis earlier this year, the military has been shipping supplies overseas through the port at Gray’s Harbor Washington. Naturally this has attracted anti war demonstrators. As of the last weekend the cops were trying to contain the demonstrations to an area away from the port entrance. The reason given by the spokesman for the cops was that it was “for their own protection.” Since there was no mention of counter demonstrations, I have to ask: who or what are they in danger from? The cops? Didn’t hear anyone else mentioned. Sorry Mr. Policeman, you are a necessary cog in the preservation of the status quo. After all, you’re first in line to keep the people paying the bills from objecting about how the money is being spent.

Also, speech that has to take place in a restricted area can hardly be considered free. Actually, as soon as you have to ask permission to speak or assemble, you can forget about freedom of anything. Hm, I seem to be becoming a closet anarchist.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is going down the tubes, a little town in Kansas gets wiped off the map by ahorrendous tornado, most of the GOP presidential hopefuls are about as attractive as the south end of a north bound mule, that contaminated gluten has been found in the feed used for hatchery salmon here in Oregon, ad nauseum and what do I find when I sign on to AOL and look at the “news” headlines? Paris Hilton’s been caught driving suspended (again), Brit’s old boyfriend is not impressed with her new main squeeze, they’re still feuding on American Idol and a restaurant owner refused to serve OJ Simpson. !#$%^^%$ the H E double toothpicks is going on here?  (sound of forehead repeatedly hitting desk, I started this on my break.)

On the subject of that tornado. I do not want to belittle what these people are going through. I can’t imagine losing everything that way. But,let’s move along here. Dear Weather Channel, please drop the interviews you’ve shown at least two dozen times and give us something new. How can these people rebuild? What is involved? What kind of buildings can they build that might withstand this kind of storm? What do they have to do to safeguard their rebuilt utilities? How are they going to pay for this? Does your homeowners insurance cover events like tornado damage? How often does tornado alley get hit with a storm that strong, anyway? Really, I’d love to know. Volcanoes, tidal waves, and earthquakes aside, Oregon is looking really good right now.


toonguykc said...

With this administration --- politics and religion are all the same.  And it scares me to death!!


lisaram1955 said...

"News" is no longer information.  It is entertainment.  THAT is why Paris Hilton et al get the press.

Information is not entertaining.  Information does not get high ratings.  It does not sell the cars and the dish soap and the little purple pills.  Paris and Brit DO.  

Lisa  :-P

tenyearnap said...

The next generation will not know HOW to demonstrate/protest. Free speech is becoming something that people USED TO have.
Ooh, but Paris was drunk again? There's something folks can speak freely about. (gag)