Thursday, August 16, 2007


Those who are familiar with the Rings movies would recognize Viggo Mortensen as the actor who played Aragorn. He's also something of an artist, photographer, and poet. He has also founded a small publishing house called Perceval Press. Their major output art books, cd's and poetry but they do a small number of politically oriented books.

Follow this link to Twilight of Empire:responses to occupation. A collection of essays and photographs from Iraq and Afghanistan. The press just brought out the second edition of this book and believe in it enough to offer it for the cost of shipping. Which is $5.95 or so. I just got our copy today and mom's been leafing through it ever since. For anyone who is interested I just thought I'd provide the link. This is not a book you can read cover to cover in a few sittings. And be sure there's nothing breakable close at hand while you are working on it.

There is also a link under my favorite sites that will take you to their homepage. There are usually links to news stories and articles from US and foreign sources. More than a few are in Spanish. Not suprising when you consider that the founder speaks English, Spanish and Danish. And us stuck with the Current Occupant who has trouble communicating in one language. Have fun and watch out for your blood pressure.

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