Monday, October 15, 2007


A short raspberry entry. (as in blowing a raspberry or a Bronx Cheer) An outfit called Garden Harvest has come out with a line of chips that advertises “a half serving of fruit or vegetables (depending on the variety) in every serving.” A one ounce serving is 120 calories.

Uh, guys, I can have full serving of green beans with garlic, tomatoes and onions for about half the calories, and it’ll taste better. Or an apple, a whole apple. Or my baggie of fresh veggies and home-made cheese spread. Of a few pieces of dried fruit. And the complexity of the flavors of something that hasn’t been spindled, folded and mutilated is surprising and welcome.

Someone brought in a bag of the apple cinnamon ones to work. And frankly they’re pretty bad. They don’t really taste like apples or cinnamon and I find it hard to believe that there are real apples in the mix, but the label says that there is. Sorry, guys, I’m eating my lunchtime apple and those chips don’t taste anything like this. Actually the chips taste kind of like Applejacks cereal, only not as sweet.

Heck, for that calorie count I can have half a square of Lindt super dark chocolate and three or four small figs. Or some combination like that. Thumbs down all the way.


mlraminiak said...

There are some diet crunchies that I enjoy.  I am very big on Baked Lays, for example...  But I'm not looking for them as a substitute for anything except REAL, fat-laden potato chips.  

You're right, though.  The apple and/or the real veggies are a lot more tasty, nutritious and filling than any old apple jacks chips.

Lisa  :-]  

tenyearnap said...

I just ate a bit of that dark, dark the jacuzzi. Felt very decadent, too :-) Cin