Monday, January 14, 2008


Prep your journal article, either as a rough draft or in your journal. Decide on a good description for the link you want to use and start your journal entry. I might put in Lisa’s Journal or Coming to Terms. (Lisa’s the one who told me how to do these)


Open the page you ant to link to and right click on the page. A drop down menu will open, move the cursor to properties and select. This will open a window. At properties right click again and choose select all and then choose copy. Click on ok at the bottom to close the window.


Return to your journal entry. High light the text that describes the link you want to do. Click on the insert links icon. This opens a tiny little window. Get rid of the tiny little highlighted http and paste the web address of your page into the window and hit ok. This should insert the link you want. Bold your text, put it in caps, make the font bigger, whatever you think will draw attention to your text. Have fun.


toonguykc said...

I'll have to save this entry and come back to it...I got last somewhere after the second step!  


fdtate714 said...

An easier way to do links:

Write your journal article.  Easy, right?

Open the page you want to link to in another window.  (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browsers, you can open the page in a new tab, then just switch back and forth between the tabs.)

You're at the window that has the web page you want to link to.  The address of the page is in the URL bar.  (This is the bar where you would type a web address you wanted to visit.)  Clicking in the URL bar highlights the address to the page.  Now right-click in the bar and a menu appears.  Select copy.

Now minimize this window (don't close it and you can always quickly return to it if you make a mistake in the process), bring up the window you're writing your journal entry in, highlight the text you want to turn into a link by clicking and dragging (for example, if you write "more info here" and you want to make the whole thing a link, start at the "m" and drag to the second "e" in here).  When you have the whole thing highlighted, release the mouse button.  Now click on the icon to insert a link.  Right-click in the little box.  Choose "paste" from the menu that appears.  The text you just pasted into the box (the URL of the link) should replace what's already in the box.

It may seem difficult at first, but just takes a small amount of practice.