Saturday, February 5, 2005


In the days after the election many of the more conservative evangelicals were lamenting (I honestly want to use another word) that main stream society doesn’t take them “seriously.” Paste this web address in your browser and see why I personally can’t take them seriously.  I got web address from Maureen Dowd’s Thursday column in the Eugene Register Guard. I was going to include the link to the NY Times but you have to pay $2.95 to get the whole column.

Sorry the link doesn't seem to carry through from my rough draft in Word.

Sorry folks you can’t have it both ways. I can’t believe in a God who appears to have nothing better to do than leave false fossil evidence to test my faith. Frankly I can’t accept an adversary (that’s what Satan means by the way) who seems to have the same problem. It reduces both to the level of practical jokers and not very good ones at that.

Please, dinosaurs coexisting with humans. A universe that's only a few thousand years old. Hate to rain on your parade folks but it wan't until the second generation stars blew their gaskets that there were enough heavy elements to create planets, plants, animats and (drum roll) us.

I think Darwin did a pretty good job when you consider that he was working from visual observations only. When Darwin went public with the Origin of Species in 1859 it was still six years (1865) before Gregor Mendel presented his paper on the work he'd done with peas. I find it truly ironic that founder of genetics was an Augustinian monk who taught a high school natural science class. He did his work in the monastaries' experimental garden in his spare time and it took nearly thirty years for his original work to become fairly well known.

Personally I find the world a wonderful, fascinating puzzle. How do the pieces fit together? Science answers how. Faith answers why.

I was originally plannning to be a lot crankier, but it doesn't do any good. It raises my blood pressure-not good and only increases the other sides' feelings of persecution. Frankly if that do do gets any deeper the whole country will probably implode.


lisaram1955 said...

I heard a radio article about the creation of this museum... (ooohh..that's a pun...)  It just It just seems like such a trivialization of the whole mirale of creation, whether it took seven days or millions of years.  These people are just...idiots is the best word I can come up with right now.  And such hypocrites.  Do they live EVERY SINGLE word of the Bible?  Not hardly.Fools!  Lisa  :-]      

hope5555 said...

I know what you mean....arguing with such people just gets you all upset and does nothing to change their mind.  I believe in the scientific method.  I also have a spiritual side but I don't even try to pretend that it all makes sense...