Sunday, February 27, 2005


How do you spell velcro? Well, Lucky and Misty for starters. Mom's been at my sister's al week and I've been working all week sooooooo. all weekend I've had two cats either in, on, around, just coming or just going where my lap is concerned. I've even attempted to type while one sits on my shoulder and the other "politely" flexes her claws in my hip pocket to tell me that "gee, that one-eyed monster may be interesting but it won't keep your lap warm."

Lucky likes to "hunt." When I got home Friday there were washcloths scattered all over the place. How somebody can meow as loud as she can while holding something in her mouth is a mystery.

Spring is here, for now. We've got a few daffodis and the Andromeda is blooming. I wonder if this spring is going to be like one yera in High School. When we were supposed to be inside playing basketball the ended up outside doing volley tennis because it was too nice to be inside. In April when we were supposed to be doing softball, we were inside doing basketball becaise the field had become a mud patch.

Oh, well. all birds have been singing their little hearts out. We've had a lot of finches this spring and I think I even saw a pine siskin the other day.

Haven't been entering on the computer as much. Just workin', catching up on my knittin' (I discovered three bags of left over yarns from various projects), reading, trying to make sense of the political nonsense that's been going on.

Ouch, mom gets home tomorrow, yippee. I just got "flexed" again. Somebody wants their dinner. Have a good night. :-)


donah42 said...

Itchy likes washcloths too:) I find his little "stashes" all over the house---washclothes, tissues, strings, rubber bands... Cats are a crack-up!

lisaram1955 said...

You don't want to know what WE find all over the house after we've been gone for the weekend.... :-P  Lisa  :-]