Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It isn't quite cherry blossom time yet. But the flowering plums are beginning to bloom. So with that in mind.

Son of the Twilight, Daughter of Dreams, Uncreated Child of the Universe, my heart plays with you. Spring's song broken, heart's token. Candle-message softly spoken; leaves unfurling, light before, open now the soul's door.  I smoor my soul in the eaves of evening: flower of life, flower of light, flower of love, blossom in peace in the heart of all beings. From close of night til light of day. Child of Truth, Mother of the Word, weave your web of sleep about me.

Words from the Celtic Devotional.   Picture one of Mary Barker's flower fairies.

Granted the fairies are probably looking for their long johns and gathering in the primroses or the heather no matter what kind of fairies they are. It hasn't been raining but it hasn't been sunny either. Oh, well Spring "officially" arrives next week.


lisaram1955 said...

The fairies in my garden have been freezing their tiny butts off.  I'm tired of this crap.  Where is the spring?  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

Almost. Almost.  Not quite.  Don't fret about Spring not arriving on time because it just means tornadoes which have been been flirting with my area for a week now.  At least the fairies in this house have been safe. (I couldn't resist).  LOL


tenyearnap said...

Oh fond memories of D.C. at Cherry Blossom time. Guess I won't be making the beloved pilgrimage from the new home in Utah. Fond memories.