Sunday, March 5, 2006


Well, this has been a week. I’m still seeing candles. How bright they are seems to depend on how tired I am. There aren’t as many and they look like they’ve been burning for awhile. Still, it’s kind of neat. Weird, but neat.


Kittie number three, AKA Bandit, is now an innie. I’m not sure if she was in heat before we had her spayed but a couple of the local tom’s were veeeeery interested. The last day she was out full time she basically spent trying to keep away from them. I finally got her in about 10:30 and she spent the whole next day sleeping. She’d been getting over a cold, so that got worse. I have never seen a cat with the equivalent of severe laryngitis. It’s hard to assert yourself when you can’t say anything. And nothing looks weirder that a cat doing the meowing movements and nothing comes out. She has adapted a lot faster than I thought she would to being in the house full time. The three are trying to figure out who’s who in the pecking order. Actually Misty and Bandit are duking it out and Lucky is observing. Since the Duchess (Lucky) is built like a small Sherman tank, neither of the others seems to want to argue with her.


In the last week or so a few daffodils are up, the crocuses are doing well and the local flowering trees are starting to bloom. Ah, the season of the sneeze. It’s not really that bad. I’ll just keep telling myself that.


Let’s see. Mom turned 80 last week. Both sisters had colds so we’ll all get together one of these days. I am slightly in shock. Youngest nephew has shot up about three inches in the last three months. He’s still 13 so he may, just may pass up his six foot plus football playing big brother. I can still reach up and hug him around the neck without his bending over, but the days are numbered.


tenyearnap said...

My cat patch used to get an occasional bout of kitty laringytis and was always sneezing. Not so nice when she does it all over me, let me tell ya. Gross. But she seems a lot better since we've moved to Utah. Maybe she is as allergic to mold as I am. One good thing to be said about this desert--no mold!

lisaram1955 said...

Yep..we got daffs, and the crocus are about done.  Got my sky-blue gra hyacinths coming up.  And I just ascetained that most of the stuff in the greenhouse is still alive.  Gotta get those shrubs in the ground.  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

You unintentionally gave me a shock --- "Youngest nephew has shot up...".  ;)  I read that line and expected to hear about a young kid battling heroin or something.  So glad that just meant he's tall.