Sunday, July 29, 2007


Bandit, number three and the youngest member of the group, has not been much of a lap cat. I think she's starting to adapt though. Not in the lap yet, but sharing a chair. And getting in the territory of the lap lovingest member of the menagerie. Lucky.

Although it might look like it, Bandit is not hissing or anything. Just keeping an eye on Lucky. Lucky probably spent ten minutes coming and going. Looking over the edge, going away, coming back and giving a general attitude of "I can't stand it."

After about ten minutes Lucky made her way to mom's lap. Bandit kept an eye out for the minute or two and then started sawing logs. Lucky is currently comfortably sprawled and the bandit continues to make z's. I expect that by the time winter is over we will have three lap cats. And that's just fine by me. Over the years it's been interesting to see the behavior change with the cats. Getting closer and closer to us. Lucky especially has turned into a "patter." She'll reach up and pat your cheek. And she does it very gently.

This is a great improvement. When I first got my Mac, which sits on a desk, she would give me so long and then give me a goose in the hip pocket. "You've played with the one eyed monster long enough. Play with me now."



toonguykc said...

Three lap cats in the winter sounds PERFECT right now.  I'm really hating summer at the moment!!


tenyearnap said...

I get sleepy just looking at them :) Cin

hestiahomeschool said...

I ADORED the pictures! They are so cute!