Sunday, December 26, 2004

The day after Christmas

Hey, I'm not giving up the Christmas music until I absulutely have to.

Went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service Friday. Actually, any Christmas when I haven’t lost my voice is a plus. I think it’s been over ten years since I could carry a tune during any part of December. There were a lot of kids at the service including one little one that just about made it through the hour before the chortling started to turn into either (I’m very tired, may we go home now? Or “I’m starving---------) Lots of carols. Took the long way home and looked at some of the lights around town. As best as you can when it’s very foggy.

Spent a quiet day Christmas listening to carols and working on some new collages using the pictures I took last summer. I still haven’t gotten next to 90% of what Elements can do, but I’m sure having fun with the other ten percent. If you’re curious go to the Webshots link on my journal page and open cards and collages.

Taking this week as vacation so I should have time to play some more. Mom went to my sisters in Portland. Unfortunately, when I get good and tired, I have a hard enough time getting a decent nights sleep in my own bed, let alone someone elses. Actually a day or two on my own every six months or so is a treat. So, Merry Christmas sis, my extra gift to you is mom.

This time of year, it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I get home so I don’t see much of the yard during the week. It was fun to check things out yesterday while the sun was out. Ah yes, Christmas gift from the Weather Fairy-approximately half a day of sunshine for Christmas-then it rained. Anyway, a few daffodils and bluebells are already peeking through on the south side of the yard. It’s been relatively mild and the rhodie and camellia buds are getting nice and plump. There is a stubborn little yellow primrose that is till blooming and the Marguerite daisies haven’t quite given up yet. At this rate, the crocuses should be peeking through in a couple of weeks. So, even in the darkest part of the year we have the promise of Spring. Reminds me of shy little boy or girl peeking from behind mom or dad.


visionarydiva1 said...

I am glad to hear you had a good christmas service at church. I hope you have a good vaction.

mlraminiak said...

At my sister's house in Santa Clara, they barely got to see the sun on Chrismas Eve, and they never saw it on Christmas day.  Just goes to show you how capricious the clouds/fog are in the Willamette Valley.  Five miles down the road, they can be having a completely different day than you are!

Glad you had the relaxing Christmas you were looking forward to, my friend!  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

Wow! What a description with the flowers/plants.  I am always amazed at people who know the name of flowers and plants.  I know the typical, rose, daisy, tulip, and perhaps even a geranium, but to know the rest....hmm...not going to happen any time in the near future.

I do not want Christmas to be over either.  I love it love it love.  No stress here. I love it love it.  But you know I have not found one Christmas CD (and I have been looking for about 8 years) that I simply love.  Either I like some of the songs, or one or two, but not the whole CD.  What is up with that?

Have a great New Year!