Friday, December 31, 2004


This one turned out so well. It's a dahlia-name unkown. It's one of the smaller varieties. Maybe three feet tall at best. Big dahlias, the ones that are a foot across are spectacular-in other peoples yards. Unfortunately, dinner plate size blooms mean huge stems, they sag and have to be staked. Also, you might as well hang out free lunch signs for the snails and slugs.

We've realized we have to take a kind of zen approach to gardening. Fortunately we couldn't afford to go all out when we did the switch from grass and it's a good thing, because some of these plants have gotten a lot bigger than we anticipated.

Anyway, this little beauty hangs out by the camellia by the driveway.

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chasingmoksha said...

This one is very pretty.  I have always had a fondness for yellow flowers, particularly pale and lighter yellow ones.  

Snails and slugs, oh my.  I hate when I see the little ones, the leafs on my flowers are covered in holes sometimes from their chomping.