Friday, December 31, 2004


Of the five I worked on the other night, this is my favorite. It's a day lily called Siloam Little Fairy. We got a starter batch of lilies from a company called Oakes Day Lilies. They're located in Tennessee and have a website.

These were the flowers that had me skidding into work just in time last summer. Day lilies do last a day. Although some fade out faster than others. (this one fades) And by the time I get home from work the yard is in the shade. I began to feel like I should just take the camera with me when I went out te door. Anyway I was able to find just the perfect shade of pink to complement the bloom.

Of the six we got, two were past their blooming season for this year. I can hardly wait to find out what Strawberry Candy and Scarlet Lady look like.

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visionarydiva1 said...

Yeah this was my favorite too.