Monday, December 25, 2006


Whoo. Happy Christmas night. We had eleven people (mom, me, two sisters, two brothers in law, five kids) oh and six puppies around for Christmas. The Portland contingent brought down their boxer pups along with the three six foot plus nephews. The puppies are so cute. About six weeks old and all but one is spoken for. And that one doesn't have anything to worry about, push comes to shove. Good thing they have a really big yard.

My other sister and her family made it over for a couple of days, too. My brother in laws' mom lives all of two blocks away from us. Christmas Eve dinner with them. Christmas dinner with us. We are so well fed at the moment, it's embarassing.

We've been putting out bird seed and other goodies for the locals and the yard has been absolutely alive these past few days. It was fairly warm yesterday (in December, anything over 55 degrees is warm) and there was a real birdie carol sing yesterday afternoon. I was surprised to hear so many birds singing on a December afternoon. Come of our crocuses are peeking up, they'll be blooming by the end of January. The huckleberries are budding along with the elder and some of the azaleas. It's the waiting time right now.

Then mom and I went to the carol service at church last night. Beautiful church, lovely service, aching knees. From now on I either sit in the back or right up front where the floor is level. Ouch! It was nice though. There must have been over two dozen kids up front with the pastor listening to him tell the Christmas story.

Unfortunately, it started raining last night and it's been raining since then. It's been a very wet December and it looks like the last week of the year isn't going to change. Muddy, muddy, muddy. Going to be interesting for the folks going home over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow is also my sister's birthday. She wanted pumpkin cheesecake. She got pumpkin cheesecake. And pretty good pumpkind cheese cake it was, too. What we didn't finish went over to other mom's after Christmas dinner munchie sessions.

Ok, I'm ready for a cup a tea and a couple of celebratory MASH episodes. Hope everybody had a good, safe holiday.



toonguykc said...

I survived the day.  That's the best I could manage right now.


tenyearnap said...

Glad your holiday was so wonderful. Six Puppies will always make a party out of any gathering.
Merry Merry!

lisaram1955 said...

Sounds like quite the gathering!  I can just imagine you all bursting that little house at the seams.

I was mostly catatonic all day.  We drove down about 2:30, got to Donna's around 4:30, and then just did...nothing.  Without having to worry about what was going on at the restaurant, I was very nearly asleep most of the time.  It was a nice thirty-six hours...  Lisa  :-]

lightyears2venus said...

We opened our presents Christmas night because my husband left for work at 5:45 this morning and no one wanted to get up earlier than that to unwrap before he left.  Juvenile Detention is open 24/7; fortunately not a single kid came in the door all day.  Yahoo.  Usually a holiday is when they see domestic violence victims.  After church yesterday morning (featuring a beautiful La Posada musical with the children) we brought my 94-year old Dad down from Phoenix, and after driving 4 hours we were too weary for the late night festival of carols service as is our custom, but it's been a marvelous holiday otherwise.  You mention knees and I wonder if you kneel and might be an Episcopalian, too (although there are certainly other denominations).  Your Christmas Day sounds full and delicious, too.