Monday, April 16, 2007


Has it been almost three years since I started hunting and pecking? Actually I type a little better than that. (shrug) I put politics at the end of the title but a lot of my best (I think) most passionate entries early on were politically themed. And not just because it was the year the Current Occupant was returned to the White House.

I’m still passionate about politics but I’m realizing more and more how tightly both parties have locked up the system for their advantage, not ours. We’re outside the glass doors pounding and not making any noise that can be heard inside. The specific scandal may change but the words; well the words from the talking heads pretty much stay the same. That said, this administration has to be the most two faced, duplicitous, lying, conniving, deceiving, obfuscating, inveigling, misbegotten, sorriest, excuses for “public servants” it’s been my extraordinary bad luck to run across in my life. And you’d have to go back to the administrations of Grant and Harding to come close. And both of them were Republicans, God/dess save us.

No, I think the changes are going to have to happen at the most basic level. There are things we have to rethink, maybe redefine. I haven’t figured out that part yet. And I probably won’t be the one who figures it out. I may end up being one of many. Sort of like the railroad crews who worked together to straighten out the tracks. But if we all keep tapping away in the same direction………..

So. Big little word, that. I find my focus shifting. I find I’m repeating myself. The events change but I suspect I’m not the only one who finds herself thinking “here we go, AGAIN.” Thwwbp! :-P!! Bush is a symptom. Not the disease. Even Karl Rove isn’t anything new. He cut his political teeth helping get Nixon reelected. It’s been decades coming on and Ipray my nephews will have the wisdom to do better than we have.

What to do. Keep writing, certainly. I can’t seem to shut up. A little less time on politics and a little more time nurturing our little piece of sacred ground. Maybe a little more on how the more things change, the more they stay the same and a little less on the current example of just how the same things are. Work, gotta pay the bills somehow. Read, bake, knit, hug mom, take pictures and share them, pet the cats, hug my mom again, wish I could hug Lisa more often, bake some more, try to help rebuild the tattered connections between all of us. Give somebody a smile whether they smile back or not. Sing (in the shower, don’t want to scare the cats). Hug my nephews whenever I get the chance. Hug all of you. I wish.


tenyearnap said...

Three years, eh? Some really good stuff here, too. I'm glad I read this journal of yours. --Hug! Cin

toonguykc said...

I am happy to have found you here in the blogosphere!  Congratulations on this milestone, Jackie!


ereading7 said...

And an electronic hug back to you.

hestiahomeschool said...

hugs to you, too.

I am leaving for my vacation but will look forward to all the alerts when I return!

love, Kas

hope5555 said...

I feel the same way.  Started out writing lots about politics, maybe because it was an election year.  I still read what others write but I don't have a lot to say myself, maybe because it's just too frustrating of a topic, and my passion doesn't seem to translate into anything meaningful changing.