Sunday, April 29, 2007


This letter was in the local paper today. I don’t quite agree that just because you have a gun will shoot somebody eventually. But it is part of the culture of violence. This is the culture that is killing us. He does have an interesting take on teaching us about the value of life. But I think everyone should have to watch babies being born, not just the boys.




That there is even any argument over whether anybody should possess automatic weapons is the height of idiocy. Anyone attempting to claim that guns are not made for the express purpose of firing projectiles to penetrate flesh and disrupt a living organism’s critical functions – often to the point of death – is a liar, a lunatic or both. Guns prevent crime like penises prevent pregnancy. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; give a man a gun, and he will eventually kill somebody.


We men need to take responsibility for our gender’s collective life negating insanity. You don’t see women inventing gunpowder, dynamite, Uzis, multi-nuke- tipped missiles, land mines, depleted uranium artillery shells or the splattering gel that burns tissue down to the bone. Women are perhaps to busy with trying to keep the species going.


I believe that if any man had the slightest idea of the long and arduous sacrifices necessary just to deliver a single human being into this world, he wouldn’t be so quick to grab a gun or sign up for war. In fact I propose the all too obvious way to put an end to war: a pan cultural imperative that every male by the age of 14 must witness a minimum of three live human births. If you want to see blood, do it in a way that helps you really appreciate this precious and fragile miracle called life.


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toonguykc said...

I also think everyone who supports this war should get to see the tens of thousands of limbless, horribly wounded people who are the result of their "patriotism"....and the president they voted for.


mlraminiak said...

Very gut-wrenching; probably true; and why can't more men be this perceptive....?  Lisa  :-]

tenyearnap said...

Having a father like this guy would also be helpful to any boy. --Cin

ereading7 said...

He has some very good points, so does Russ.  
I don't recall any stats from the NRA on how many crimes were deterred by civilians having guns, but I bet it is not many.  I sure don't think automatic weapons are something the general public should have and maybe even not the police or military.
It is disturbing the me to see all the progress mankind has made in so many areas over the years, but not any on the human relations front.

hestiahomeschool said...

I've always thought mothers and grandmother should rule the world--specifically, the ones with kids the age that would have to go to war and die.

ereading7 said...

"I've always thought mothers and grandmother should rule the world--specifically, the ones with kids the age that would have to go to war and die.
Comment from hestiahomeschool - 4/30/07 6:49 PM"
I agree.  
It has always distressed me that we nurture - love, feed, educate, etc. the children in many societies, just to send them off to get killed, maimed, and/or really messed up in war.