Sunday, April 1, 2007


We pulled the clematis out of the front. It's a beautiful plant but we pulled the trellis when we had the house redone and didn't want to replace it, plus you have to cut it back for the fall and which takes time and leaves you with a stack of debris to get get of. We're trying to move away from things that need trimming.

We already have a couple of Japanese andromeda. They are great shrubs this time of year. The white clusters of blooms, green foliage and the new leaves coming in with the red are spectacular this time of year. And they stay green all year round.

Close up of flower clusters.

We headed out to the nursury intending to get another of what we already had, because frankly we didn't know there was anything else out there. Surprise, surprise they call this one Valentine.

Spectacular red blooms and dark greean foliage. The new leaves come in with a red tinge but I'm not sure if it will be as red as the other. It may bloom a little later too.

Another close up of the Valentine.


tenyearnap said...

I love Andromeda and had no idea there was a pinky version. Fabulous.

hestiahomeschool said...

We had one and we loved it, but my male Greyhound kept peeing on it and killed it. :-(

toonguykc said...

You are really jumping into this whole Spring thing!  I just admire the photos and the plants my neighbors are putting in.  (I'm lazy)