Thursday, September 23, 2004


Story on the news the other night regarding how some schools are discarding recess in favor of class room time. This is primary grades mind you. One interviewee basically gave the impression that he thought recess was a big waste of time. I wonder how he'd like to give up his coffee breaks. I'm sure he could use those two 15 minute sessions more productively. I have five nephews and I remember how antsy they could get at that age. Actually, the 12 year old still gets pretty antsy when the program on the tube is a football game instead of a movie.

A couple of our local legislators are pushing for full day kindergarten. Yo, we're grown up for a very long time. Give the kids time to be kids for a little while at least.

We're not a farming economy anymore. We don't need the kids to help in the fields anymore. It's almost as if children are seen as a waste of money until they're finally old enough to work and contribute to the economy. The sooner the better. Oh, and for those who feel that educating other people's children is a waste of your money: unless you plan on self-surgury when you need it, you'd better hope that somebody's kid is getting a good medical education.


mlraminiak said...

One would think the teachers' unions would be totally anti- these ideas anyway...  Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

I went to kindergarten in Florida back in the early seventies and we had full day kindergarten back then. However, we also had recess and nap time. :-) ---Robbie