Monday, September 20, 2004


Now that summer is closing I'm being reminded of a real irritant. Fruits and vegetables that are engineered so they can be shipped very long distances and still look good even though they taste like cardboard. 'Nuff said. What's sad are all the folks who think that's what they're supposed to taste like.

That said there is nothing to match a ripe Oregon Strawberry. The season only lasts a month or so, but the anticipation in the other eleven months. :-) And fresh tomatoes. I didn't used to be a tomato fan. Still warm from the garden, I think I just got a glimpse of heaven. If you don't have your own find a good produce stand. Even the canned ones taste better than the pathetic wannabes in the stores. :-)

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mlraminiak said...'re really warming to this "Things that bug me" topic...  Lisa  :-]