Sunday, September 26, 2004


The original record version of the above cd was a hoot. You could play it at all three speeds and get different effects. At 78rpm it sounds like the little sand and gravel wavelets. At 33 1/3, it's deep rolling boomer waves. The original series was called "Environments" and apparently started off the whole natural background sounds movement. (is this a movement-I'm having trouble thinking of the right word.)

The gray season. It's the time from late September on. If it isn't raining in the Eugene area it's foggy. We are between two rivers, that may have something to do with it because many mornings I can drive the twenty miles north to work and come out of the fog. Lisa of Coming to terms with middle age used to live down here and hated it. I imagine the sun is shining in Scappose this morning.

The thing is, it contributes to the image of this area as wet. We don't get "that" much rain and there is a definate rainy season. This morning is just damp and gray. Most of the spectacular flowers are gone. There's still a few cone flowers and susans. I did get some pictures of spider webs yesterday. I wonder how they'll turn out.

The worst thing about the closed in conditions is that it traps the air pollution. Right now I'm trying to figure out if it's allergies of if it's a cold. I think it 's allergies, most colds don't move this slowly.

Oh, and things that bug me number 4. (this is as I think of them-not necessarily in irritant order) Cable TV and dish TV commercials. Yoo, hoo. I have other things to do. TV is nice but I do have other interests like working.....sleeping.......and my current reading list is looking longer that number 2 nephew is tall and he's 6'2". Unfortunately, the extra channels don't increase the available talent just spread it thinner.

Read a good description of someone with a temper. The writer was referring to Dr. John McGloughlin, rightly called the Father of Oregon. Apparently the good doctor had a bit of a temper. The friend described him  "as  6'4" with a seven foot temper." Ouch!

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mlraminiak said...

You're right...the sun IS breaking through the clouds right now here in Scappoose.  And we had beautiful sunny weather yesterday...Donna tells me it was gray and drippy in the valley all day.  Nanner nanner nanner!  Lisa  :-]