Saturday, October 2, 2004


I'm almost reluctant to give this writer more publicity, but here goes.

Someone forwarded a notice to me of a new journal. It is titled A Christian Perspective. The entries are unique to say the least. Although the bit about the drugs does ring sort of true. Not because Bush might be involved, but because the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan did sell drugs to buy arms during the Soviet occupation and I'm sure the CIA looked the other way.

But, the term "Christian" begs the question. What camp are we talking about here? Mainline Methodists, Pentacostals, Catholics, Unitarian Universalists, the Society of Friends (Quakers)? All lay claim to being followers of Christ. Personally, I was raised in the Methodist tradition and an inquisitive Methodist I ramain. And probably will remain. If that should change I'll probably find myself a Quaker. They at least have the good sense to keep quiet and wait for God to do the talking. I wonder sometimes how we can hear the Creator over all the shouting we direct at each other.

But, on to things more homey. Tea. I love a good cup of tea. Especially on a gray, foggy, southern Willamette Valley October morning. The sun is probably shining in my old hometown of Oakridge. It's up in the mountains you see. Lovely little valley. The sun is probably shining in Coming to Terms with Middle Age Ville (aka Scappoose, Oregon) It's on the Columbia, not the toe of a valley sock.

Anyway, tea. Discovered (after I sent a fairly large order to Twinings) that Wild Oats carries a nice selection of bulk tea. Put a drop or two of peppermint on the leaves in your tea ball and enjoy. Sweet orange and cinnamon works too. Do the oil first and put the cinnamon on top. It keeps the cinnamon from wandering too badly.

Well, this has to end for awhile. Mom's been at my sister's all week and the cats have basically been on their own for the last week. If I was a balloon Lucky would have popped me by now. :-)


mlraminiak said...

You're right about the was just beautiful here this morning...the sun streaming in the front window at that low, bright golden angle.  I was just thinking there won't be too many more mornings like this before the winter rains...  Lisa  :-]

sistercdr said...

It is an interesting new journal, I'll give it that.  I often write about things from my Christian perspective, but I try let it show that it's my perspective as a Christian, not THE Christian perspective.  The religion is too diverse for any one voice to offer that.  Like you, I'm mainline Methodist but have felt the call to the Friends.  On a beliefnet quiz, my beliefs lined up 100% liberal Quaker, but that is, after all, just a quiz.

chasingmoksha said...

Oh, I so needed a good cup of tea today.  The store was out of my Bigelow’s Lemon Lift, so I had to settle for Bigelow’s Constant Comment.  Enjoy!

Nothing to say about the Christian thing, I am so not a Christian.  I believe Jesus Christ was a man who talked to God and witness Absolute Reality, but not someone we all supposed to worship.  Christianity is just too hegemonic for my sensibilities.

Take care.  Lovely journal.

krobbie67 said...

I was confirmed in the Methodist church when I was child. After my last disasterous church experience, I've pretty much settled on being Agnostic. I did read a lot about the Quakers and the Unitarians. I kind of like their stuff, especially the Unitarians because they incorporate other teachings besides Christianity but I still haven't stepped foot in their building. Just not ready to take it that far. :-) ---Robbie