Sunday, October 10, 2004


I think Misty must have been a fire siren in a previous incarnation. Mom's upstairs getting up close and personal with the sewing machine. Misty does not like it when she can't keep track of everybody. So, she's sitting at the foot of the stairs (the stairs have door by the way), making her displeasure known, very loudly. And bless, me if she doesn't sound like she's saying mama. Lord, that girl has a great set of vocal cords.

As for the other one, I think she's back in the closet. They're indoor cats, so fleas aren't a problem. It's been foggy here all day and at this time of year, by the itime the fog leaves the sun is behind the hill. It may hit 70 out at the airport, but it ain't gonna happen here.

There's a restaurant commercial I get a real (negative) kick out of. This is for a sit-down place by the way. Mom and three kids. Mom doesn't have time to cook a meal. Let me see, the nearest sit down place is about ten minutes away. I've found with my newphews that getting kids ready to go anywhere takes at minimum five minutes per child. So, to and from and getting ready we're at over half an hour already. That doen't account for waiting to order and waiting for your food. Even if you're only opening soup and making cheese don't have time to cook, but you have time to go out?

Also, the two older kids are old enough to help toast sandwiches and set the table. It appears that the good mother is no longer the one who cooks a meal and teaches her children how to help in the kitchen, but one who takes the kids out to eat. Weird.


mlraminiak said...

Well, that would be the restaurant industy's idea of a good mothe, anyway.  It's called "spin."  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

I hear what you are saying.  Today when I got home from school I asked the oldest (22) if she wanted to get some Panda Express (something we hardly ever do) and she said yes. I was sitting in the driveway with the motor running, the 2 year old was squawking at the door (not dressed) the five year old was squawking in the car (I had just picked her up from school) then all the way there (six miles) I had to answer to "What's that" (from the 2 year old) every 3 feet, and every 3 feet it was the same row of farm it was 10 feet ago.  I could have just thrown them some sandwiches and soup and called it a day. WHEW! (LOL!)