Sunday, October 17, 2004


This is a verbatem copy of an article in the Portland Oregonian about the Bush rally in Southern Oregon.


A Bush rally volunteer reacts to three women’s attire and tosses them out


Janet Voohies said she was curious to see how Republicans would react when she and two other women showed up at President Bush’s Central Point rally wearing T-shirts stating “Protect Our Civil Liberties.”

She got her answer  before the president even spoke. The three women were ejected from the rally and escorted from the Jackson Country Fairgrounds by state police officers who warned them they would be arrested if they tried to return.

Republican officials said they weren’t exactly sure why a volunteer at the event demanded that the three women leave the rally, But a Bush campaign spokesman, Tracey Schmitt, said: “It is not the position of the campaign that wearing a T-shirt that says protect civil liberties is enough to conclude someone is disruptive.”

Thursday night’s action was the latest in a series of incidents in which people have been removed from Bush campaign events for expressing opposition to the president. Officials say the events are open to supporters and people who are considering voting for Bush, but they are quick to act when they think there is a possibility of disruption.

Voorhees, 48, a student teacher who lives in Ashland, said she and two other teachers obtained tickets to the event after saying they were undecided voters. She said she does not expect to vote for Bush however.

She said the three decided to wear T-shirts that weren’t critical of the president but expressed an issue “important to us…We were testing the limits of the Republican Party, of who is allowed to be at a rally for the president.”

Voorhees said the three made it through all three checkpoints and assured volunteers who questioned them that they would not disrupt the event. But when Voorhies was on her way to the bathroom, she was stopped by a volunteer who told her she wasn’t welcome.

She said this volunteer pointed to her shirt and said it was “Obscene.”

Jackson County Republican Chairman Bryan Platt said he didn’t see the incident, but stood behind the volunteer who was trying to make a judgment about whether someone would be disruptive.

“I wish (the women) would have just dresses in a way that was without that kindof intent to incite any kind of incident,” Platt said.

Lisa Sohn, a spokeswoman for Democrat John Kerry, said their rallies have been open to anyone and charged that the Bush administration has the attitude “that if you don’t agree with them, it is not okay.”

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It's time to remember some basic facts.

WE are the government. The foks in beauracracy, the House, the Seante, the judges, the President are the hired help. If MY boss wants to see me I see him.

This situation has been years in the making, it didn't start with Bush. It'll take a few years to fix it.

If someone wats to copy the news story into their journal, feel free. I only ask it be a complete copy including the reporter's name and the paper it came from.

My personal reaction to the county chairman and his statement on "incidents:" Just how do you think we acheived our independece? The American Revolution went far beyond harsh language


chasingmoksha said...

Talk about being defensive and knowing your side is wrong.

If I were a Republican, at a Bush rally, and saw T-shirts with “Protect Our Civil Liberties”, why would I automatically conclude that the shirts are against Bush?  Since it is a Bush rally and the women are there, why couldn’t they possibly be saying “Vote for Bush because Kerry will not protect our civil liberties the way Bush does”?  Hmmm hmmmm.  Sounds like someone, well actually collectively, someone knows they are teetering on fascism.

mlraminiak said...

I echo Kathleen's comment (chasingmoksha).  I'm going to do an entry on this subject.  Heard the ladies interviewed on a radio talk-show today that pretended to be unbiased, but was really considerably right-leaning (on KXL in Portland...home of Lars Larson [*gag*]...should I be surprised???)  They asked callers to "judge" whether these women were there to protest, and if they should/should not have been thrown out.  #1.)Since when did protest become threatening to the government in this country?  #2.)  Why did someone assume that "protect our civil liberties" was a concept in opposition to our current chief executive? Is that not part of what he is sworn to do?  Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

OMG! That is so scarey! I'd like to know how anyone can find a shirt that states "Protect our Civil Liberties" threatening unless you intended on stripping us of them. ::::shaking head::::: :-(---Robbie