Friday, October 15, 2004


The movie not the soundtrack.

Came home, turned on local news. Lead story was on a college students' drug overdose. In Idaho. Please, some body tell me what this has to do with Eugene-Springfield. Almost no coverage of what happened in Jacksonville last night. No coverage of the press conference held by the demonstrators this afternoon. No mention that there were at least 200 people involved. At this point I threw up my hands in disgust, scared both cats and decided to visit Middle Earth for awhile.

Given the situation it struck home when Theoden's highest praise of Aragorn was that he was an honorable man. Not a potential king, not a very good looking man, not a formidable warrior, but an honorable man. When was the last time you heard someone described as honorable and it wasn't part of a job title, as in the honorable Congressman from East Podunk?

When Aragorn gives his buck 'em up speech he is ON the battlefield not 4,000 miles away prating about how "we're" going to stay the course. When the army marches out of Minas Tirith they know they can't win on the battlefield. All they can hope to do is keep the enemy looking the other way while the ring is destroyed. And in the end the most despised character in the whole story is responsible for the ring being destroyed and it's by accident. The whole thing is so opposite of the situation we're in right now.

When I look at the treaties we've ignored, the mess with Enron and other companies, the companies that are trying to get out of their pension obligations, the drug companies that have ignored studies that show their product is dangerous and  the whole general mess, I can't help reflecting that one of the main themes of the films is keeping your word. Even if keeping it may cost you dearly. Even AFTER death you may be offered the chance to fulfill your oath. I find hope in that.


lrttklly said...

"King George" visited my little city also. My hometown has the highest percentage of military deaths/casualities from the Iraqi War We are a poor community and the military is like a carrot on a stick for young kids trying to get a college eduacation and a job. One young man had been killed about two day's before Mr. Bush's visit. There was no sidetrip to console the grieving family. Nor was there a side trip of his motorcade to view the hundreds of protesters who were not allowed anywhere near King George's speaking venue. Disgusted? You bet. And like you... I often have supported the guy I didn't vote for, but not this time.

chasingmoksha said...

I have no clue what you are speaking of, I think, I will have to clear my head, but I think you are making an analogy of something to the incident with those protestors and Bush.  But I do not know the allusions.  I will google Aragorn and see what I get.  

There was a lone woman in the mall today with her Bush/Cheney table full of signs and registration forms.  I wanted to scoff so badly, the nerve of some people.  Especially knowing no one can trust if their registration form will get to the proper people if anything other than Republican is marked. What losers!

krobbie67 said...

I had to click back to see the last time I visited since I kept coming upon entries that I hadn't read yet. Holy Cow time flies!!! I thought I was just here the other day. Is the allusions to The Ring? I haven't seen that movie. But, you're right about the treaties and what not. It really is sad. :-( ---Robbie