Thursday, October 21, 2004


Very disappointed to receive an e-mail from Amy of Hippies in Yuppiedom. She has been forced to take her journal private. Someone with far more time than sense or humor is doing a parody of her journal.

Another journaler has e-mailed the link and the suggestion to turn this individual in. I read enough to convince me I didn't want to read anymore. My advice, go do something positive and let us know about it.

I have enjoyed reading her journal and will miss it. On the good side the Earthmother's Cupboard is still up so those of us who enjoy her work can still cheer her on that way. With luck with enough show of support she will feel like coming back.

I feel kind of glum sometimes that I don't get very many comments, but after reading about Amy and an entry in Lisa's journal about someone she had to block, I gues I don't feel so bad after all. Interest like that I can do without thank you very much.


sistercdr said...

These mock journals are wearing on my nerves.  I've reported the two I've read to TOS and I'll keep on doing so.  I've had a few flakes IM me because of my journal, but I've never had anything serious.  I've also had some delightful people IM me, and those have been a pleasure.

mlraminiak said...

That thing with Amy really sucks.  I think that if you hang out on the message boards, you tend to attract more freaks.  I don't even go there...the message boards turn my stomach.   Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

I've had my share of weirdos and attacks but I choose to ignore it and not let it ruin the experience for me. But, yeah, it seems keeping a low profile is the best thing to do. But, that's not my nature in the 'real world' so I'm not going to make it mine online. And, like Lisa, I don't do the message boards. :-) ---Robbie