Sunday, November 7, 2004


The chilin' is literal. It's about 40 outside and VERY foggy. Looked at the neighbors house as I came down stairs and saw what looked like a squiirel statue on the roof. The little gay was in the classic paws up pose with his tail held as close to his back as possible.

This part of Oregon gets a lot of fog in the fall. All that nice trapped heat in the ground from the long summer we had. Hit an area like I do on the wa to work where it's open land instead of houses and streets and it can be even thicker. As in I've memorized the mileage between the aution yard on 99 to next light so I know when to look for it thicker.

I didn't get any pictures of the fall foliage around the house. :-( By the time I woke up and noticed it started raining. One good windstorm and poof, those pretty red dogwood leaves were decorating the lavender instead of the tree.

We made our last produce stand run yesterday, Deterings still has onions, peppers and potatoes, things like that, but we were after apples. What a choice. Braeburn and melrose, jonathans and jonagolds, fugis and mutsus. Big red rome beauties and green grannie smiths. Oh, and hot cider for sale and huge bags of walnuts. The gals at the register were all bundled up and listening to Oregon/California game between customers. Decided on the way back that Johnson's may have had a great sale on bulbs but it was too darn cold even if we had driven out of the fog and back to the sun.

Came home to spiced tea and my sister knocking on the door. Umatilla made the state cross country meet and she and my brother in law were down as coaches. The bus was on the way back already and she was looking for a warm place to light. Mom asked her why on earth she was knocking, twenty five years married but this is still home for crying out loud. And mom being mom, she left showered, fed, and dry. It didn't rain during the day but the field was all over mud and so was she.

We had a real short visit. Number one son (my number one nephew, in order, not popularity) was playing his first basketball game up in Portland and she was going to the game after the meet

I have five nephews and all are number one in my book.

Later entry: We live on the east side of a hill. It's not even two yet and we are in the shade. You can really tell when the sun goes away this time of year.


mlraminiak said...

I was just thinking of Detering's today when I was reading a magazine article about how apples are best when picked at the orchard.  We used to go apple picking in September all the time when I was a kid, back in Illinois.  There is absolutely nothing that tastes like an apple fresh off a tree.  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

Were the big bag of walnuts affordable?  Man what I would not give for a big bag of affordable walnuts AND pecans.  

krobbie67 said...

I'm getting cold just reading this. It's been kind of chilly here, especially at night. But, anything under 70 is cold to me. :-) ---Robbie