Sunday, November 21, 2004


Well the kitchen was controlled (barely) chaos yesterday. One batch of rolls, two rounds of cookies and some scones later the first round of holiday baking is over. I think we washed the same dishes at least three times. We have more dishes, it’s just easier to wash it and reuse it. It’s a small kitchen; you do, you wash, you do, …….. yes, we have two dishwashers-their names are Kathryn (mom) and Jackie (me). Honestly if we wanted one that uses electricity instead of elbow grease I’m not sure where we’d put it. Two people can work in this area if they are really cooperative.

Heck we didn’t even get started until after 2. We spent the morning trying to get a handle on Christmas ideas, sympathizing long distance with one sister-she’s moving this weekend. Her, husband, three kids, one ten-week-old boxer pup. Now, there’s chaos. Finally took our walk. This time of year if it isn’t raining it’s foggy, especially near the river. It didn’t look like it was going to get any warmer. Somehow forty degrees is easier to take when the sun is shining. Even the neighborhood cats were staying close to home.

So we’re about half done, there’s still a batch of bread, three pies, and a salad. The great thing is-all these goodies are going north for Thanksgiving and most of it isn’t coming back. I love food that travels. As in I like to make it. I don’t necessarily want to eat it anymore.

The cookies actually made it into storage with only a token taste from me. ‘Bout darn time. Finally too sweet for me. Geez it’s only taken over two years. We had our monthly birthday cake at work Friday. I do indulge in these. For the first time that piece of cake lasted almost two hours and it didn’t taste like “more.”

Good think because it is definitely plateau city. I really shouldn’t complain. I dropped about 55 pounds the first go round and it’s about 50 this time. That’s about a quarter of my original body weight. I’m getting the impression from some of the reading I’m doing that 10 to 15 percent of your starting weight is about what you can expect. It’s weird though to go from about 2 pounds a week like clockwork to zip. I’m up to about 45 minutes of walking spread through the day though. So I guess I’d better go fire up the treadmill. I think I’m going more for the “stroll mode” this morning though. Something a little less enthusiastic than Riverdance.

Things are looking up. The sun is trying to break through. If we all ignore it maybe it will decide to stick around for awhile.


mlraminiak said...

We went out for lunch this afternoon.  I ordered dessert (I shouldn't have) and decided I HAD to eat the whole thing (I REALLY shouldn't have.)  I feel like I have swallowed a medicine ball.  Yuck.  I really just can't eat like I used to.  And that is a good thing, I think....  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

Good for you with handling the cake at work!  More will come, just keep walking.  I love 40 degrees over sunshine as well.

krobbie67 said...

I don't have a dishwasher either. :-(

Good for you for doing so well. The girls in the office have gotten in the habit of getting donuts nearly every morning. I've pushed aside my daily cup of yogurt many-a-times. I need to get back on track. I've been on plateau mode for a year and haven't tried to do anything about it. :-) ---Robbie