Thursday, November 4, 2004


I have a theory about the die-hard Bush supporters. I am a pretty lonely Kerrycrat in my office. But, there are some things I've noticed.

One. Mentioning a story in the local paper and asking if someone has read it usually brings the response. "I don't take the paper."

Two. Mentioning a story on the local or national news  often brings the response. "I don't watch that channel."

Three. Hearing Rush Limbaugh or someone similar on the desk radio or hearing them mention one of the Fox News talking heads.

Prelimanary conclusion: Many Bush supporters were able to vote for him in spite of Iraq and all the other baggage that came out because they've insulated themselved from the negative news. Many of them appear to inhabit a parallel reality and they don't overlap worth a tinker's you know what.

Are we scared yet?


mlraminiak said...

I suppose there is so much of that right-wing crap around, that you could easily become immersed in it if that was what you chose to do.  Explains a lot, actually.  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

The major differences are (moralism-evangelism) and (angelism-humanism) (as I previously mentioned, sorry for the repeat, I might be making up some of these words {shrug}).  It reminds me of how as far back as King James people appeared to live one life, preached about morality and such, but skulked around privately doing the nasty and never owning up to it.

I think if both sides admit that we are human, we think differently, and value differently, we would not be so divided.  What makes one side more logical than the other (of course that is the side I am on) is the human element.  What is with this big pretend.  "Let’s pretend we are perfect", even though supposedly in Christian doctrine humans are expected to be “sinful.”  Ack! It is obvious that I am still pissed off, I cannot even condense my thoughts coherently.

krobbie67 said...

I think it's something that everyone needs to be concerned with. During this whole election I tried to see what redeeming qualities might exist in what is going on, but I tell you what I just can't. :-( ---Robbie