Sunday, November 14, 2004


Had to go to the store early this morning for a not so magical reason. The kitchen sink is stopped up.

Got home to a little flock of tiny chickadeed flitting between the thistle feeder in the dogwood and the feeder with the other seeds. It took them a couple of minutes to realize I was there. For that couple of minutes I had chickadees flying back and forth right under miy nose. :-)


chasingmoksha said...

How cute!  I love hummingbirds and other cute little birds, as long as they keep their poop to themselves.

I learned the hard way about the kitchen sink.  Do you know one is not to put cooked rice or coffee grinds down the garbage disposal.  Go figure!

Have a good Sunday!

mlraminiak said...

Chickadees are right friendly little buggers.  I used to go outside and call them, and they would come right down to the feeder.  They really aren't all that shy when it comes to people.  Lisa  :-]

hope5555 said...


krobbie67 said...

I'll ditto Hope5555. :-) ---Robbie