Sunday, March 6, 2005


We added a second feeder this weekend and switched to a mix of thistle seed and a mix that's specific for the finch and chickadee type birds. I think it took about ten minutes tops to spot the new feeder and we've been doing land office business this weekend. Lots of different kinds of goldfinches. I think I spotted several mated pairs. I was shooting through the window with the still setting on my video camera. The pictures aren't great. I had the telephoto setting up as high as it would go and I tended to overcompensate when I hit the shutter. I have several pictures where the birds ended up at the bottom of the picture. Ah, well. Practice, practice, practice. I dropped off two rolls of film today we'll see what comes from that. The pictures I never manage to get are the ones where there's a spirited discussion over who's going to get the perch next. If I was paranoid I'd think the little beggers know when I'm trying to take a picture of them flying around. As long as I'm looking through the view finder everybody behaves themselves. Oh, well, just another recreational impossibility.

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lisaram1955 said...

I was outside yesterday (wasn't the weather gorgeous?) and I heard a hummer over my shoulder...  Had to run right in and clean out the hummingbird feeders and fill them up.  Haven't seen one feeding yet, but I'm sure I will.  Lisa  :-]