Sunday, March 20, 2005


Too bad there isn't a mood entry for rueful. I wasn't playing with my pictures on Friday night.

For anyone who knows me personally-Lisa for one-it's no secret I've needed to have EXTENSIVE dental work done for years. Too many years with no dental insurance. Well, I've had the insurance for several years but avoided taking the plunge. No good reasons. I'll do it when.............. fill in the blank is taken care of.

Well, my guardian angel picked up her 2x4 this week and knocked me upside the head. Fortunately the same angel got me into what appears to be a very good practitioner who is also a surgeon and can prescribe. Unfortunately for me I have a high tolerance for discomfort and a stubborn streak slightly larger than Mt Hood.

Well, the angel is probably in the angel's lounge repeating "Creator(ess) what do I have to do to get her ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mom is shaking her head and remarking "I figured it would take something like this to get you going." The doctor and staff were very patient and putting together a plan to help me deal with this. And I.............will be joining the Polident brigade.

You know the weird way that major problems seem to go in threes. We've allready had three major medical problems at work this year. Three of my co-workers have already had or will have major surgury this year. I'm number four and it isn't April yet. :-(


sistercdr said...

I am so sorry.

lisaram1955 said...

Uh-oh.  Send me the gorey details...  Lisa  :-]

hope5555 said...

Hmmmm, sounds like the guardian angel could use some lessons in SUBTLETY.  Once your dental work is all done, just think of how nice it will be to have a gorgeous, healthy smile.