Monday, March 14, 2005


Had a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous-unfortunately it isn’t supposed to be this nice in March. A lot of the garden area is already bone dry. We’re looking at how we can set up a soaker system for most of the watering. Fortunately we are pretty much shifted to drought tolerant plantings and the shrubs like the rhodies and azaleas are very old friends. Most of it we can probably get through without too much trouble.


The light was great early Saturday and Sunday mornings so I got a lot of pictures. Hopefully most of them are worth something. News at 11 or in this case next Saturday. Yeah, I know film, how Twentieth Century. But, the digital camera option on the video camera is so-so and it’s hard to do spontaneous shots of fast moving objects like birds. Yes, I know there are digital equivalents of my Canon 35mm but, I can either replace my computer this year or buy a camera that will use all my lenses and stuff. I already HAVE a camera and I just went to a great deal of trouble to have it reconditioned. Anticipation is half the fun and I haven’t gnawed my fingernails past the first knuckle…….yet. I am looking forward to a new scanner with the transparency option so I can do my own enlargements. I love the photo cd’s but they are digital versions of 4x6 pictures. They look great on the computer but you can’t enlarge them or crop them and then print them without looking like impressionist paintings. Although……….with the right layering selections in Elements…………Hmmmmmmmm, I think I know where I’m going to be about midnight Friday while I’m catching up on my X-files episodes


I’m starting to realize how important light is, even with color photography. Plants in the yard that look totally boring at noon when there are no shadows or gradations of light are alive and glowing at 7:30 when the sun is low. And it’s totally wondrous how all the daffodils in the yard face the same way.


Spent some time Saturday working on granny squares for an afghan for mom. I’m working on my pile of surplus yarn. I was kind of pushing to get enough of one color combo done so I’d be sure I had enough yarn to make the pattern I want. I do, whooo. I’m willing to get more background color but the idea is to work down the stuff I’ve got. We’re looking at about fifteen years worth of leftovers or stuff for projects that didn’t pan out. And I’ve barley been doing any yarn work since I discovered computers so………..It’s use it or move it. Knitting and crocheting used to be my version of Valium. Good for the soul and you have something besides an empty bottle when you’re done. I have to learn to tone it down though. I tend to make afghans you could use for bedspreads rather than lap warmers. LOL

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lisaram1955 said...

You still haven't made an afghan for ME....  LOL!  Lisa  :-]