Sunday, June 12, 2005


It's been nice this weekend. Still haven't had a totally rain free weekend since March, but it wasn't enough to do more than get the street damp and make the air smell wonderful.

Made some interesting discoveries this weekend. If you're going to clean up some bloomed out rhodies, allow enough time to finish the job. A half deadheaded rhododendron looks really weird.

If you have really short hair like I do, make sure to put sunscreen on your ears as well as your face. I know, there's a really good reason why God invented hats. but I wear glasses (can't even see a foot past the end of my nose, the whole world looks like an Impressionist painting) and hats drive me crazy. They keep bumping into my glasses.

Put all projects involving yarn in a closed container. Especially anything that has wool in it. Lucky's been hunting again. Her current "catch" is two balls of yarn, one batch of counted granny squares and several loose ones. I spent the morning outside and mom was at church and the mighty huntress was in full pout mode. The good old "I can entertain myself very well, thank you. Good luck finding your goodies. They're under the bed."

Fresh local strawberries have nothing in common with the the ones they bring in from out of state. (I already knew this, just got a chance to be reminded) I know, the imports are perfectly shaped, perfectly colored, yadda yadda yadda. But, they can give cardboard a run for its money. The locals come in all sorts of crazy shapes and sizes, but they taste wonderful. They don't last very long, so we get 'em while they're hot.

The first blueberries are coming on too. I'm willing to share with the birds. sort of. Back to strawberries. We've got plants here and there. Once upon a time they were in a rea, planned bed. The ones in the bed are gone but the runners migrated. They actually make a good groundcover and they replace themselves. Three or four years ago I watched a squirrel work his way through the early berries. He finally picked one nibbled it and tossed the rest. I got curious and went exploring, He'd very carefully nibbled most of the red part off a half ripe berry and tossed the rest. Cheeky little fur ball. :-)

Well, I'm suddenly losing the ability to spell and I'm about to yawn myself into oblivian. After several years of getting up about six-thirty to get ready for work, the bed insistts on giving me the boot at about the same time on the weekends, too. Go figure. I guess I'd better check out this entry while I can still spell.

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mlraminiak said...

Doesn't sound like you've been spending all your time reading those books...  I don't know what happened down farther south in the Willamette Valley yesterday, but the weather in Portland SUCKED.  We got absolutely poured on for two long spells...that pretty much spelled disaster for business at the Festival of Floats.  Today was MUCH better...actually had some sun.  Went from wearing two sweaters over a long-sleeved shirt early on to sweating in just the shirt.  I LOVE Oregon weather sometimes, don't you?  Never a dull moment.  Lisa  :-]