Sunday, June 19, 2005


Shower-A fall of rain of short duration. The definition doesn't say how short or how hard.

Usually, when we get "showers" in my end of the Willamette Valley, they're fairly mild. You get wet but you aren't in any danger of drowning if you look up at the sky with your mouth open. I wish I could have gotten a shot of the rain when it was falling 'cause what we got yesterday was the danger of drowning kind of shower. I don't think the shower in the bathroom puts water out that fast. We actually had about three inches of water on the sidewalk and it was floating bark chips off the path.

I don't think the white climber is going to look like itself until the second set of buds come on because the weather has basically trashed the first set. Poor thing is looking pretty bedraggled. I don't think anything can upset the lavendar or the heather.

I get a kick out of the cats. We watch movies like Band of Brothers so it's not like they haven't heard boom booms before. First crack of thunder and you can see the wheels turning. "No music, no talking, crap this is the real deal. If you want me I'll be under the bed! (How to make a fast exit while still looking cool)"

We actually got hit twice. We'd taken a drive out to one of the local farm stands and got there just before the first band of storms went through. Drove the u-pick strawberry lovers right out of the field. This weather is not doing our local berries any favors. We got to watch quite a lighting show. Well, quite a show for this part of the country.

Lisa, where ever you're selling pastry this weekend I hope it's semi dry. :-)


donah42 said...

I love that cats always have to maintain their cool---when they lose it, it's even funnier:)

schoolgal040 said...

Wow, quite a storm there. So sorry about the white climber's as I remember them when I lived in Oregon (Grants Pass and Glendale) and they are beautiful. We can't grow things like that here in crappy old Las Vegas, but in Missouri I will!

Your cats are like my dogs. One dog (Hershey, my oldest and smallest) could care less about thunder booms or bad weather. He is a cool character who only gets upset about two things: cats and bunnies. The other one (Jager, the big one 140lbs) runs for cover when there is thunder. Here is this big, beast of a dog coming to me for help from the thunder. I mean he freaks out! He has to be on the bed with me being soothed until it's over. Luckily it doesn't happen often here, but when we move to Missouri; it will be a different story. They get huge thunder storms there and a tornado or two.

Hope your beautiful plants are all ok.


lisaram1955 said...

Matter of fact, the weather was beeeoootiful in Astoria.  Had some showers on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were lovely.  Took some great pix of two wonderful sunsets in a row.  Came driving home to Scappoose on Sunday to see some honkin' thundershowers hanging over Portland, but they haven't reached here yet...  Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

:-)  We live in tornado alley and regularly have tornado warnings and watches, so we get some REAL storms--the kind that uproot huge trees and summer I stayed in San Diego with my grandma and they had what would pass for a brief cloud burst here--a "shower". In the headlines the next day was "Thunder boomed like a thousand cymbals."  We giggled about that.

Of course, the ground doesn't shake here, either, so they do have earthquakes and we don't..