Friday, June 24, 2005


Apparently Karl Rove has taken a mini baseball bat to a hornet's nest...........again. In a partisan speech in New York on Wednesday Rove ridiculed Liberals for a wimpish response to terrorism in 2001. Responses by various Democratic spokesmen were predictable.

For the record, I have no use for Karl Rove. The man is a political disaster, a successful disaster but still bad news. What can you say about a man who was accused of bugging his own office while he was running Bush's first campaign for governer of Texas, finding the bugs and then accusing the opposition of doing it?

I just don't think all the uproar over his speech is going to do any good. If Howard Dean found the the cure for Aids, cancer and the common cold all rolled into one, Rove would probably find a way to make it sound like a bad thing.

Let's just accept that one, Karl Rove will never apologize for anything. Two, the president is not going to fire the man who charted his rise to political power. No way, no how, just accept it and move on. Although, I suppose that all the rhetoric creates a welcome breeze in the parts of the country that are suffering the current heat wave. All those sound bites have to be good for something.

So, my fellow outcasts, let's try a little experiment. Ignore him as much as possible. Just shake your head sadly, mummering quietly something to the effect of "what can you expect......" Sort of the way polite families treated the subject of the family remittance man. (The term hails from the British colonial era. Unambitious or embarrassing family members got shipped out the colonies to minor positions. Hopefully they couldn't do much damage out there and at least they weren't causing trouble at home.)

With luck, a non-responsive response with provoke more outrageous claims. Maybe, we'll get to the point where enough of the president's supporters will see just how small this man really is.


sistercdr said...

Good idea.  It's hard for me to take him seriously, but some people do.  I don't think those would ever change their minds.

lisaram1955 said...

I don't think it's a matter of whether people take Rove seriously or not.  He is a professional button-pusher.  And he is very good at it.  He seems to know exactly where to push to get the desired response from the targeted demographic.  But the pendulum will swing...history has taught us that it always does.  America lived through the McCarthy years, moved on to better things, and completely disparaged all that McCarthy worked for and stood for.  But, let's face it, he sounded very reasonable to a lot of people for a long enough period of time to do some healthy damage.  In the words of George Harrison (and probably someone older and wiser than him), "All things must pass."  Even Karl Rove.  And he will be one of the larger farts this country has ever passed!  Lisa  :-]