Thursday, June 16, 2005


Two prequals down, one to go. Brian Herbert and Terry Anderson are good, but they aren't Frank Herbert. We're talking magic with a small m, not all caps with exclamation points. On to current events.

The medical examiner's report is out on Terry Schiavo. Gasp, gee it seems that doctor's who examined her had it pretty right all along. She was severely brain damaged, almost certainly blind and probably wouldn't have survived on feeding or drinking by mouth. There was no evidence of abuse or foul play.

It would be nice to see as much coverage and hype over the autopsy results as there was over her death. It would be comforting if some of the folks who implied that her husband was an abusive monster would apoligize as publically as they accused. It would be really nice if the rest of us would make a resolution to tune out carnival type coverage of such events in the future. I'd love to see the politicians announce that "you know, this really is a family matter and we don't have any business interfereing." I would hope that her parents would finally be able to let go and treasure the image of their loving, laughing daughter before this tragedy started. It would be a miracle if churchmen who have never been in this situation and never will would decide to stay out of the limelight and ere on the side of compasiion. Perhaps, just perhaps, the still small voice of the spirit speaks to the family before it speaks to the bishops.And perhaps the bishops have grown deaf to that soft voice.

I'm not holding my breath, I'm not going to bet the farm and I expect to find pigs in the tree tops before any of this happens.


brentub said...

You're right on two counts:  first, the politicians SHOULD back off; and second, they probably won't.  Did you see that Jeb is now interested in investigating a supposed gap in time between her husband finding her and calling 911??  Does this man have nothing else to worry about??  (Can you say "presidential posturing"??)


lisaram1955 said...

VERY good post.  Interesting how the coverage of the autopsy results got shifted to a back page somewhere and then forgottenl.  Actually, I'm surprised it was reported at all...  Lisa  :-]