Saturday, January 7, 2006


For those who are lucky enough to actually see the night sky this time of year, it can be like diamonds scattered on black velvet. For the rest of us who have to settle for sparkling raindrops in street lights, I guess we just have to use our imaginations.

I adapted this from the Prayer for Comfort by Cathleen O'Meara Murtha DW from Knitting into the Mystery.

If you are very, very lucky you may live in an area where the night sky is dark and clear. Where you can see the band of stars some call the Milky Way wrap itself around the world as if it were a bright shawl knitted with threads strung with gemstones.

May the Mother of Mercy, the Father of Faithfulness and the Spirit of Compassion wrap this tired world with their all encompassing love this day.

May all find comfort when the path their life is taking becomes more than they can bear. May there be comfort when it seems that one more minute will bring them to the breaking point. May tired hearts and spirits find peace.

May those most in need find find shelter in a time when grief is overwhelming, shade in a time when sorrow is beyond words, a shield when faced with a loss that was unimaginable.

May loved ones provide comfort by just being there. Let there be faith in the eternal Loving One. And may the memories of those we love best be with us when all seems darkest.

Blessings of the Angel of Comfort be with you and all you love now and forever more.

Blessed be.

DW stands for Daughter of Wisdom, a women's religious order.

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tenyearnap said...

A wonderful prayer. Thank you.