Sunday, January 8, 2006


I'm not sure I'd want to be Tom DeLay this morning. He's finding out what most bullies and enforcers eventually find out. You may get to come in the front door. You may even be served on the best china. But, don't  make the people using you look bad. Not only will you not even be let in through the back door, they'll claim they never knew you.


toonguykc said...

I knew the pendulam would swing back the other way eventually -- I just never thought the momentum would be pushed by so many criminal investigations!!  As a liberal Democrat, I'm grinning!!!!!


tenyearnap said...

Thanks for the visual: I'm seeing Tom eating off that "best china" until the big scissors come out of a hole in the ceiling and cut his puppet strings. Most at the table pretend not to notice while others slink out the BACK door where the puppet parts are unceremoniously tossed out with the fish bones and plate scrapings. (Like the "upper class" Veruca Salt in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Tom will be finding himself making a whole new "class" of friends.)