Sunday, January 15, 2006


This is a real picture of an image I copied off my astronomy software awhile back. It's a cluster of young stars called the Pleides. It also used to be called the Seven Sisters. There are six bright ones visible now. The theory is that since stars don't move fast enough for the seventh one to have wandered off, it may be just dim enough to be unable to compete with our level of light and atmospheric pollution. It's a real beauty.

Most of the stars in the cluster are about 100 million years old and only (so to speak) 425 light years away. Barely out the back door in stellar terms. The entire cluster contains hundreds of stars barely out of their gas cloud swaddling clothes

Oh and the puzzle- it's sandbox. Yah, I know, pretty bad isn't it?


tenyearnap said...

***Whew!! That's a gorgeous picture***

toonguykc said...

"Sandbox" never even occured to me.  Now I feel like Homer Simpson or Rain Man or something.  LOL!