Saturday, June 24, 2006


I may have found a way to post pictures in the the journal. I set up a journal where I can upload pictures. If I go into the view larger mode, I can paste the URL to this journal. Seems to be working so far. (all fingers and toes crossed)

This is the yard about July of 2004. The clematis and black eyed susans are just coming up. You can actually see the purple coneflower. It's still there, but this year the lavender is so big, you can't see it yet. I'd hate to move it again. Coneflowers are tall but I think some of the lavender is taller.

A little earlier in 2004. A very small butterfly bush and we hadn't gotten the elderberry yet. The white flowers are feverfew. It's history. The lavender is so small and the day lilies are barely there. That's mom heading for the sidewalk.

This morning. You can't really see the rest of the yard past the butterfly bush and the elderberry. My little personal proof of climate change is the bloomed out rhodie on the corner of the house. A few years ago that sucker didn't bloom until mid June, now it starts in May and is bloomed out by the middle of June.

From the other side of the yard. Huge lavender, daylilies, the works. What a change over two years. And so many different colors. We also have a small lavender called Hidcote. It's blue violet and really pretty, but it's so small that it's hard to get good shots of it. I'll have to see what I can get with a tripod.


visionarydiva1 said...

I normally use photo bucket for my pictures that I want to put into my journal but whatever you are doing is working too. I don't know anything about flowers or gardening but the purple ones are sooo cute. I like the pics too thanks for sharing


mlraminiak said...

Yay!  You finally figured it out. (The picture thing, that is...)  Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, I can just smell the lavender. I love lavender, but we get almost no sun in our yard so it is mostly hostas.