Sunday, June 4, 2006


It's been a warm and kind of muggy (For Oregon in early June. I know our idea of muggy wouldn't even trip the wire in most parts of the country) this weekend and it just finished POURING after raining most of the night.

We made it up to visit dad's grave yesterday. The cemetery is kind of unusual. It's an unusually large pioneer cememtery. It's called Mountainside becuase it is literally on the side of the mountain. When the weather is clear and you can a view around the pine trees you can see Mount Hood. There's a berry farm next door and the property where they lived when dad was a baby is just two or three miles up the road. It's fun to walk through the old part of the property because I recognize a lot of the names from stories dad told when I was a kid.

It's nice to see that there must still be some one from a lot of these families still living in the area, becuase there were a lot of flowers, even in the old part of the property.

My grandparents and a couple of other relatives are resting to the left of the monument and the whole rest of the line to right (about a dozen plots) are to the right. Great grand dad helped found the cemetery, it's still being used and the local association meets yearly in the little local church the family attended.

And a story played out that we'll probably never know the end of. The road over Chehalem mountain is in good shape but it's narrow, twisty and has a lot of switchbacks. A couple of hot dogging motorcyclists roared past while we were doing our flower thing. They were going way too fast and passing everything in sight. It might be a coincidence but a few minutes later a rural size firetruck, and a police car went screaming past. Police cars don't usually respond to home type medical emergencies. A few minutes later two paramedic units followed. Traffic on the road wasn't that heavy, but I don't remember seeing any cars coming down the mountain. I just hope those hot doggers didn't take anyone with them, if it was them.

So, instead of heading back the way we came and hitting the Heirloom roses nursery on the way back we went home the long way. Oh well another weekend. Follow this link to see where we almost went. It's a fantastic nursery, they have great roses of just about every kind and they do mail order.

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lisaram1955 said...

Quite a nice stone for how old it is.  The older ones in the cemetery next door, and the one up Highway 30, are mostly made of plain concrete and are very mossy  Lisa  :-]