Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The cats have not been happy campers the past few days. Summer arrived with
a vengeance this weekend. Overnight it was twenty degrees or so above the
temperatures we've been having. Note: we do not have air conditioning. We
live on the east side of a hill so we're out of the sun by five or so in the
evenings. The judicious use of shades and fans keeps things "reasonably"
comfortable most of the time. We have maybe four or five weeks all together
where it's really hot so air conditioning just isn't worth it for us. The
heat broke last night and it looks like we'll have low to mid eighties for a
week or so until the next wave.

Bandit would come looking for the feathers, jump around a couple of times
and head for the back room where the fans are blowing cooler air in.



Misty AKA "Cuddles" hasn't been getting her daily minimum dose of vitamin H (hugs)
and has been cranky as all get out.  She's just plain pissie and I can't say
that I blame her.



 Lucky has put two and two together and likes a spot on the
floor next to the fan in the livingroom. There's a bit of the draft and
wood floors are pretty cool.



The two older cats have their "own" room in the enclosed deck and garage.
Lots of soft places to hang out. That's where the food is and they sleep out
there. Bandit was an in/out for a couple of months before she became a full
time innie. She still gets to stay in the house to sleep. Most of the time
she hangs out with mom.

It cooled off last night big time. As in "what the heck is going on, it's
freezing in here" relatively speaking. When I was up about three for a
bathroom run Bandit wall all  "it's cool, it's cool, I want to play, let's
play mom." I think my reply was along the lines of "Yes, I'm vertical and
moving, but I'm not awake, I don't want to be awake, go chase your tail or
something." I think I may have hurt her feelings. She was waiting under the
bed to attack my toes while I was dressing this morning. "It's the toe
monster, Attack."


visionarydiva1 said...

It's funny how cats and animals in general can have a need for affection just like humans lol!!!


tenyearnap said...

We do not have A/C either but there is something called a "swamp cooler" on the roof. Haven't turned it on yet. Patches has been living under the bed and Dust Bunny just walks around mewling. I think he's pissed!

lightyears2venus said...

I enjoyed this entry so much!  I think Lucky is a cocoa tabby--we have one, too (:   I'm going to remember your  vitamin H line.  Bathroom run story was too funny!  They're such dears, pissie moods and all.   Shade and fans really do help a lot.  Since we live in triple digit country, we have dual cooling: AC + swamp.  Otherwise the electric bill would be rising along with the heat, i.e., through the roof (ha ha!).  We are driving to Texas tomorrow (I KNOW-- taking our hard-earned vacation money to Bush country, but my husband wants to visit Padre Island & I have always wanted to see San Antonio).  One website said don't come to SA in the summer, since the temperatures are in the 90s.  I thought, 'sounds good to me!' (101 here as I was reading that).   I'm hoping for no hurricanes in the Corpus Christi area (or anywhere else, for that matter).  Anyway, glad your heat wave broke for one evening.  I look forward to catching up with what you've been up to in a few weeks.  Stay cool!   P.S. thought of you as I read the celtic references in Search the Sea (Gannet Girl) recently.

lisaram1955 said...

Toe monster.  LOL!  

Mine were all a little puny for a few days last week.  One wonderful bonus of hot weather is more shedding, so more hairballs.  Little buggers have been puking up a storm.  Bleah!  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

Nobody pre-warned me that being a pet father was going to be even the slightest inconvenience.  LOL  Oops.  At least my mammals are mostly old and don't do the toe-attacking thing very often anymore.  

You've got some very handsome/beautiful felines, J!!


hestiahomeschool said...

We have a beautiful new kitten. He is such a wild little critter!