Saturday, July 1, 2006


The lupins are about a foot taller than they were last week. A few hot days last week and they shot up like they'd been shot out of a cannon.

Three different day lilies and some lavender.

Three kinds of lavender and some poppies. Actually there are four. But you can't really see the white lavender in the fore ground. Actually, I guess you can. But, if you didn't know it was white it would be hard to tell. Unless you can get an extreme close up lavender isn't that great to photograph unless there is a lot of it. This is the first year we've had enough for some half way decent pictures.

Shot from the other side with a bit of the butterfly bush on the south side of the yard. There are so many shades of purple and blue in the yard it's almost unbelieveable. The shorter purple lavender is about knee high. The others are just below waist high. This year is the best show we've had so far.

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