Monday, July 3, 2006


We spent the morning at Washburn State Park, just north of Heceta Head. As per usual it was windy and chilly. The fog went out with the tide and came in with the tide. Sometimes the ocean was shades of blue, sometimes it was kind of gray, depending on where the fog was.

Tides coming in. Some wonderful shades of blue and green.

There's a little inlet into the beach with some nice wave action as the tide came in.

View to the south towards Heceta Head. Waves, mist, great colors and a few beachcombers. I think there were never more than twenty five or thirty people (and a couple of dogs) at any one time. You have to be a died in the wool Oregonian to enjoy this kind of weather. There are a few days during the year when the wind doesn't blow and it's warm but they are few and far between.


krobbie67 said...

These pictures and the ones of the lighthouse are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them. And, Happy 4th! :-) ---Robbie

toonguykc said...

Why must you constantly remind me how ugly the midwest is??!!!  ARRRGGGG!!!  I'll try to forgive you.  ;)


tenyearnap said...

I love it when you take out your camera, Jackie! ButI sure do miss the beach, especially before, during and after a good storm.

lisaram1955 said...

I have some very similar pictures of the very same beach taken over Memorial Day...LOL!  Lisa  :-]