Thursday, July 20, 2006


One comment on my entry “priceless” sort of took me to task for capitalizing Republican. I guess I was too well taught by my junior high English teacher, and it is a proper noun. (technically) But, when you modify the word……the sky is the limit. Oh, boy is it the limit.


You could use alleged. These guys have nothing in common with Teddy or Ike. Maybe self-described. After all nobody can stop you from calling yourself what ever you want. I don’t want to use living things, it’s an insult to the life forms, no matter how small. After all it's no insult to call a rat a rat. A rat is doing what rats do. It doesn't have a choice, people do have choices.


I don’t really want to call any of them a son of a bitch. After all it might not be their mom’s fault how they turned out. At least for some of them.  You can borrow a line from an old X-Files episode and use “invertebrate scum suckers whose moral dipsticks are about two drops short of bone dry.” I kind of like that one. There’s self absorbed, lying, cheating deceitful, drunken, clueless, war mongering, pimping, lawless, torturing…..I think you get the idea. And I’m open to suggestions. After all I've barely scratched the surface.

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toonguykc said...

The republicans are anything but "proper", J!  I've called them "cons" for the past ten years and I've noticed others are doing it lately -- on websites and such.  Capitalize that word if you wish.  I apologize for comparing W to a monkey.  He looks like one, but he definitely isn't as smart or advanced as one.  Hell -- even lichen has more class than him.  My suggestion is to just go with "con" -- or "Con".