Monday, July 10, 2006


This has been a very strange spring/summer so far. And it’s hard to believe that for the Celts fall starts on the first of August. It almost feels like it’s fall already. It’s staying cool at night and it feels more like August than July. I’m usually down to a cotton sheet blanket (upstairs bedroom) or just a sheet by mid-June and I’m still putting a blanket on the bed before morning most nights. Truth to tell though, since I wised up and started sleeping with earphones and a rainstorm CD I can leave the windows open and the fans in all night and that makes a difference. Still that breeze can be downright chilly and it just feels “weird.” I’m not a big fan of hot weather, but you have to have something to hope for in January. J


I’m following the political news but I haven’t been writing much lately. Frankly, my blood pressure doesn’t need the workout. The total “ho hum” attitude over privacy violations, the mounting civilian death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan, and rampant political corruption is beyond depressing. Add in the pundits who keep repeating the tired argument that respecting basic human rights and treaties that we signed will weaken the war terror is enough to make a woman weep. And she does once in awhile. I also wouldn't mind taking the business end of my grandmothers' heavy duty wooden spoon to a few backsides given half a chance. That sucker was a good two feet long and about twice the size of the average spoon. I can think of a few pols who might benefit from a trip to woodshed. Nothing else seems to get theire attention.


And I’ve noticed nobody is posting quite as often right now. It’s too nice outside. Yards to groom, vacations to take, new businesses get a handle on.  I’ll admit that I did spend a fair amount of time this weekend playing with Photoshop. I’ve learned some good things and I like to do my own cards. I guess I need to buckle down and apply what I’ve learned and create some building blocks that I can mix and match when the “argggggggh” events roll around. Guess who’s sister had a wedding anniversary (#29) this weekend and guess who would still be totally oblivious if mom hadn’t reminded me?


And I have to admit that finally figuring out how to put pictures “in” the journal has been a lot of fun and just this side of addictive. Heck, I don’t want to put any pics of any of the politicians in, it would probably break my computer.


toonguykc said...

2006 has been a VERY weird year.  You are more in touch with nature than I am -- what's going on???  If you can't figure it out then I bet nobody else can.  SIGH


tenyearnap said...

A trip to the woodshed...hahaha. W's butt meets Grandma's wooden spoon. That I'd like to see.