Sunday, October 8, 2006


Just a little half sized rant.

There's something seamy about the way everybody's jumped on this Mark Foley business and I don't just mean IM"s to underaged pages. That's bad enough.

But everybody has jumped on this situation like white on rice. Or stink on you know what. It's as if it's "yippee, now we have another excuse not to deal with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the rest of the whole sorry mess." Frankly, suspiscious little paraoid that I am, part of me wouldn't put the original leak past Karl Rove. After all, this is guy who was accused of bugging his own office during Bush's run for governor, "discovering: the bugs, calling the cops and blaming it on the Democrats. If he did, it certainly pushed the war and everythng off the front page, but backfired big time. Now we're stuck in a twisted dance as each side tries to out do the other in dredging up old scandals.

The posts are interesting if only for the work put into compiling lists of politicians from both sides who've stepped over the moral line over the past thirty or forty years. Time better spent on a lot of other things, frankly. Of course that's just my own opinion.

And to borrow the ending from Garrison Keillors column today. It's a take off on a poem of Robert Frost.. Keillor's version "The woods are lovely, dark and thick. But I have lots of butts to kick and some to poke and just one stick."


visionarydiva1 said...

I do agree with you...anything to avoid the real issues is embraced. Sadly I live in a town that feels that it is not that important to report the political news.


mlraminiak said...

One can hardly blame the Democrats for attempting to make hay while the sun shines.  And maybe, just maybe, this kind of thing will be the ONLY thing able to unseat the monied interests that are in control of our country right now.

Still...It simply rings in yet another period of time where the people's business is ignored in Washington while politics takes center stage...  This is government?  Lisa  :-]  

tenyearnap said...

I loved Garrison Keiler's old radio show "Lake Wobegon" when I lived in Minnesota. His delivery is wonderful.

But Democrats and Republicans....can't tell one from the other. Looooots of butts to kick.